Solidarity remains

13. December 2017

The B+K family's solidarity extends beyond the active working life", stated executive board member Manfred Albrecht at the Bischof + Klein former employees' celebration in the Gempthalle.

This year, that was also demonstrated at the open day to mark the company's 125th anniversary. "The majority of you were there!"

For Bischof + Klein, 2017 was marked by the anniversary. "I am still thrilled by the commitment and pleasure with which our active employees prepared the plants for, and presented them at, these celebratory events." The subsidiaries in France, Poland and the United Kingdom also opened their doors. In total, around 9,000 people used the opportunity to take a look into the world of flexible packaging and its production.

At the same time, 2017 was a year of major projects for Bischof + Klein. Extension of the clean room, extrusion, extrusion coating line and lamination line are just a few of the key words in Lengerich. New lines were also set up and the production facilities modernised at other B+K locations.

And finally, 2017 was also a practical test due to extremely high demand, particularly for consumer packaging. "The additional production lines planned for 2018 were urgently needed this year", said Manfred Albrecht. The effort that was required to nevertheless supply customers is now impacting on 2017's results.

The subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Poland performed outstandingly. "B+K UK is well positioned with its modernised machinery, and has actually benefited from Brexit from our current stance." B+K Polska is delighted about its good results, "Although the new PowFlex® product has not even got off to a proper start yet." The modernisation at B+K France will be pushed forwards with the new management team.

One aspect will remain unchanged next year as well: "We will be investing!" Manfred Albrecht thanked the shareholders, whose approval of the extensive investment plan was in turn an expression of their confidence, thereby enabling the company to position itself optimally on the market. The investments in Lengerich include a new semi-finished goods warehouse, a new coating line, the expansion of cast production and a further conversion line for the clean room production facility.

At B+K Konzell, lamination capacity will be extended, a new slitting machine purchased and a further warehouse built. Investments in modern extrusion lines will be undertaken at the subsidiaries.

"However, it is not only these investments that are enabling us to position ourselves correctly on the market; it is also the new ideas and our expansion into new sales regions." Today, Bischof + Klein already supplies products to over 70 countries but, for instance, "Northern and Eastern Europe also offer growth opportunities for us."



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