New Conveyor Bridge

11. May 2020

This construction is a milestone on the road to increased sustainability and efficiency: with cutting-edge conveyor technology, the new Bischof + Klein conveyor bridge will do away with over 5,000 lorry journeys and even more fork-lift truck journeys each year.

The first pallets carrying films and packaging are scheduled to roll along the conveyor next spring. The construction work has been in full swing since the beginning of the year.

The conveyor system will overcome a total distance of around 180 metres, therefore replacing a considerably longer journey by lorry on public roads. It will lead from the new packing facility south of Hullmanns Damm to the LSL (Logistik Service Lengerich) warehouse on the other side of the road. "Hullmanns Damm will remain passable without any restrictions whatsoever", explains Holger Schnelle, who is responsible for the construction project at B+K. Lorries will be able to pass without any problems.

The conveyor construction offers a number of advantages. It will minimise the number of lorry and fork-lift truck journeys and therefore reduce costs, CO2 output and the time needed. It will speed up access to goods in the LSL warehouse, making this unreservedly possible around the clock in the future. "We are significantly optimising our plant structure with the new bridge and will achieve considerable efficiency and quality advantages", says Christian Hülsmann, head of supply chain management, who has invested four months in planning the conveyor bridge along with his team.

The construction work will take until October 2020. The conveyor technology and interior fittings of the packing facility will be completed by the first quarter of 2021. "The schedule is tight, but everything has gone according to plan so far", states Holger Schnelle. The general public will hardly notice a thing. With one single exception: "Hullmanns Damm will be blocked off for a few days, probably in July", he explained. The steel bridge over Hullmanns Damm will then be installed. "We are pressing for it to delivered in large, preassembled sections. Then the road will be passable again more quickly."



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