368 oaks

10. February 2012

Bischof + Klein is making a tangible contribution towards climate protection by planting 368 young oak trees.

The groundwork has been delegated to the "I plant a tree" organisation. This initiative, which is supported by weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" amongst others, is committed to the ecologically sensible forestation of selected areas. B+K's trees will be growing in a forest in Nietleben near Halle an der Saale. Here, "I plant a tree" has purchased an area covering approximately seven hectares consisting partly of unmanaged young forest plantation and partly of fallow land. One hectare has already been replanted.

The idea behind this campaign: forests are an extremely valuable ecosystem, a habitat for numerous species of flora and fauna and a gigantic CO2 trap. During photosynthesis, trees convert problematic CO2 into oxygen. In this manner, one hectare of forest binds at least 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. – The more forest, the less carbon dioxide there is to pollute the atmosphere.

Bischof + Klein's sustainability management has set itself the objective of reducing CO2 emissions wherever possible – in production as well as in the vehicle fleet. When purchasing a new company car, the family-owned company therefore offers an incentive (bonus) to choose a vehicle with low CO2 emissions. Whoever still decides in favour of a vehicle with higher emissions is simultaneously obliged to pay a contribution (malus) towards climate protection. "We still want our employees to be able to choose for themselves", explains Marietta Wiesinger, who is responsible for the vehicle fleet within the purchasing department as well as being a member of the sustainability team. However, B+K's intention is to use the bonus/malus regulation to simplify the decision in favour of an environmentally-friendly vehicle.

The effect can already be seen: in comparison with 2010, CO2 emissions from the vehicle fleet, consisting of around 95 cars, has been reduced from 145.7 grammes per kilometre to 139.5 grammes per kilometre.



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