Fair and responsible

07. December 2011

On December 5th in Lengerich, Bischof + Klein became the first member company to receive the certificate of compliance with the new code of conduct developed by the Gesamtverband der Kunststoffverarbeitenden Industrie (GKV).

These conduct guidelines oblige the signatory companies to adhere to both existing laws (e.g. competition law, cartel law, general law on the equality of treatment) and international standards such as the UN human rights charter. The prerequisite of certification is the provision of extensive information on the conduct guidelines to employees. This code of conduct was developed with the involvement of Bischof + Klein, and is co-ordinated to the international regulations which are of significance to the plastics industry.

The code of conduct applies to all of the offices and production plants operated by the full-service supplier of flexible packaging and technical films. B+K is obliged to adhere to all laws and standards which are valid in the relevant countries and to uphold generally applicable ethical values plus human rights. The company rejects child and forced labour. All employees have a right to fair pay; the hours of work correspond to the valid national regulations. B+K also adheres to the national and international regulations concerning health and safety in the workplace. Bischof + Klein is engaged in sustainable environmental protection and handles natural resources in a responsible manner.

The company deals fairly and honestly with its business partners, the authorities and consumers. It maintains commercial secrets and adheres to cartel and competition law regulations. Bribery and corruption are not accepted. This code of conduct represents the basis of B+K's ethical and social principles, which form part of its sustainability management.



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