Ecological advantage

04. July 2019

How can packaging be environmentally-friendly? This question is answered by the Eco Design guideline issued by the German Association for Plastics Packaging and Film, which Lengerich-based film and packaging specialist Bischof + Klein was involved in developing.

B+K development engineer Johannes Wedi: "It involves recycling-friendly design, reduced material consumption, the use of recycled materials and the question of where this is sensible and possible in conformity with food legislation."

Bischof + Klein itself has developed environmentally-friendly packaging solutions together with various customers and brought its experience to bear in creating the guideline. Wedi: "In recent months, for example, we have developed a bag for toilet paper that is manufactured with 30 percent recycled material and is itself 100 percent recyclable."

A new laminate for dry products such as pet food is also 100 percent recyclable. "We have succeeded in forgoing non-recyclable materials and nevertheless incorporating barriers against possible grease penetration as well as oxygen and water vapour loss."

"We anticipate that a great deal of research and development will also be needed in the future. Our family shareholders have therefore decided to invest in additional development capacities at B+K Lengerich", stated chief executive officer Dr. Tobias Lührig. He is in agreement with development engineer Johannes Wedi: "We can wholeheartedly recommend using the Eco Design guideline to anyone that develops plastic packaging. In this way, we achieve a big ecological advantage for the products and their packaging. Then we are all winners."



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