Clean up day

04. March 2016

30 helpers took part in the second "clean up day" at Bischof + Klein in Lengerich.

Together with their trainers and other staff from the personnel and environmental protection departments, the first-year industrial and commercial trainees headed out to collect waste around the company's premises. This year, they were supported by the three management board members, Manfred Albrecht, Dr. Volker Pfennig and Gerd Sundermann.

The waste collection campaign was initiated by the "marine litter" sustainability team, which is dealing with the worldwide problem of marine contamination. Each year, around 10 million tonnes of refuse land in the sea, with approximately 20,000 tonnes finding their way into the North Sea and the Baltic alone. The majority of this waste consists of articles that have been carelessly dumped in the countryside. Driven by wind and rain, they make their way into ditches, drainage canals, rivers and finally into the ocean. "Bischof + Klein wants to play its part in the fight against marine litter", said management board member Manfred Albrecht, who is responsible for sustainability management at B+K. "Our objective is that no environmental pollution caused by production waste is emitted by Bischof + Klein. We can only accomplish this if we all pull together, from trainees to the management board."

Sustainability manager Angelika Kotscha pointed out that hardly any production residues were found during clean up day, but that a great deal of consumer waste was. "Far too often, rubbish is simply dropped on the floor or thrown out of the car window, for instance. Unfortunately, this is happening everywhere. During our clean up day, we have discovered how searching for waste increases people's awareness and ultimately changes their behaviour."



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