Set to grow

04. March 2013

With its high-purity CleanFlex® brand packaging and film solutions for clean rooms, Bischof + Klein is set to grow.

Pharmapack Europe in Paris confirmed the Lengerich-based packaging and film specialist's expectations of this market. 290 exhibitors (80 of which were new) from 27 countries attracted 3,000 visitors to Paris. In combination with a conference, the Pharmapack offers the opportunity of exchanging information on developments and trends with representatives from throughout the pharmaceutical and medical substance production process chain. "We meet all of our existing and potential customers here", says CleanFlex® product manager Benjamin Kepp. Above all, he values the family atmosphere which this event has so far retained despite its extensive growth.

Bischof + Klein is the only manufacturer of flexible packaging to produce a header bag under class 5 clean room conditions. This special packaging is particularly used in the production of disposable syringes and is encountering great interest. The injection systems' freedom from germs can only be guaranteed if particles are significantly reduced. These otherwise form the nutrient basis for dangerous micro-organisms. This applies to the syringe bodies as well as the other components and above all to their outer packaging. This is why class 5 clean room packaging is increasingly being used. The CleanFlex® header bag offers protection against germs and particles, and enables sterilisation by means of gasification at the same time.

The trade fair team, consisting of Roger Pfister from B+K France, Florian Epping and Benjamin Kepp, also presented a variety of additional solutions for protecting high-purity products during production and transportation. The three were of the same opinion: "The Pharmapack's environment is simply ideal." 



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