Climate Protection Award for B+K Konzell

03. November 2021

Bischof + Klein Konzell has won the Climate Protection Award of the city of Straubing and the district of Straubing-Bogen. The decisive criteria include relevance to climate protection in the region, innovative content, exemplary character and practical relevance or feasibility.

This is where Bischof + Klein Konzell scored points. In the past ten years, it has succeeded in reducing electricity consumption by around 11,000,000 kW/a. This corresponds roughly to the annual electricity requirement of a small Bavarian town. The investments for energy saving and sustainability during this period amounted to about 13 million euros. Today, the plant also obtains 100 per cent renewable energy for its energy-intensive extrusion area.

  • 95 % of the forklift fleet in Konzell runs electrically and thus regeneratively.
  • 10 % of the annual tonnage in extrusion (film production) is made from recycled granulate or bio-based raw materials. The trend here is clearly upwards.
  • 5 % savings in insulation measures in machine technology to avoid radiation losses into the hall!
  • In the area of lamination, 58 % of the production is done with solvent-free adhesives.
  • Since 2003, an energy and load management system has been a matter of course.
  • The workwear is based on Fairtrade.



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