EMAS 2008

01. July 2008

Corporate environmental protection at Bischof + Klein continues to proceed apace. - This was the conclusion drawn by environmental experts Dr. Jörg Schnittger and Georg Hartmann of Deloitte Cert Umweltgutachter GmbH during successful validation of the Bischof + Klein environmental and safety management system for the fifth time.

In particular, the experts praised the orderliness and cleanliness found throughout the company and the positive energy and water consumption trend. The introduction of complex cooling and rainwater systems, for example, has reduced water consumption at the company's headquarters in Lengerich by 37 percent over the past four years. At the Konzell subsidiary plant, heating oil requirements have been reduced by 44 percent since 2003 thanks to the use of a state-of-the-art heat pump system. The experts viewed the company's investment in modern facilities in both Lengerich and Konzell positively, as this represents an investment in the future – and in environmental protection.

The environmental concept has been firmly ancchored in Bischof + Klein's corporate philosophy since 1985. The company's ecological concept brings environmental protection and commercial interests into harmony in concrete projects. B+K was additionally one of the first companies to voluntarily undergo auditing by independent experts and to seek validation under the European EMAS ordinance.

A range of suggestions and the signature on the declaration of validity form the conclusion to this "major audit", which is carried out at intervals of three years. A comprehensive environmental statement, which is available for downloading here, forms part of the new certificate.



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