Strong position

01. March 2012

Bischof + Klein is a well-known furniture industry supplier. This was confirmed by the company's taking part in the ZOW for the third time in succession.

The ZOW is a central trade fair for the furniture supply industry. With almost 700 exhibitors and over 17,500 visitors from Germany and abroad, it is regarded as one of the industry's fundamental venues.Without protection films, modern furniture surfaces would be impossible to produce in many cases. B+K has therefore developed a wide range of different protection system products to protect these sensitive surfaces during transportation and installation, or permanently. B+K supplies technical films for the plastic sheet industry, for PVC window profiles, glass, metal surfaces and electronic products such as e.g. LCD televisions.

The team consisting of Stefanie Heermann, Stefan Löber, Andreas Hörnschemeyer and
Heiko Schumacher was delighted at the positive response generated throughout the four days of the trade fair, and was able to acquire interesting, new contacts. This event confirmed B+K's assessment that the furniture market, and particularly the protective film segment, will remain of great interest to the Technical Films division in the future.



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