20. September 2016

Focus on patients safety

The key to successfully developing an optimal, high-purity packaging solution is holistic advice by the Sales, Production and Quality Assurance Departments.

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26. July 2016

Set for further growth

Bischof + Klein’s turnover increased by approximately 4 per cent to € 554 m. in 2015. Investment also reached a record € 43 m. for the year.

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15. July 2016

Award for top corporate performance

Bischof + Klein has been nominated for the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" (Grand Prix for Medium-sized German Companies) 2016. During "Winners' Night", Bischof + Klein was one of a total of 58 qualified companies to be honoured.

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01. April 2016

Set to grow

Bischof + Klein UK is expanding with focus on high-quality consumer packaging.

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21. March 2016

B+K PowFlex® Premium

Bischof + Klein will be presenting one of the latest further developments in its FFS film B+K PowFlex® at the POWTECH from April 19th to 21st 2016 in Nuremberg.

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04. March 2016

Clean up day

30 helpers took part in the second "clean up day" at Bischof + Klein in Lengerich.

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02. February 2016

Space for learning

The extended training workshop at Bischof + Klein's headquarters in Lengerich offers six additional workplaces, new machines, more light and greater clarity.

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19. January 2016

Added impetus

Under which prerequisites can used plastic packaging be transformed into new raw material in the recycling cycle? This was the topic of a workshop conducted at Bischof + Klein with Prof. Gilian Gerke, professor of resource management at Magdeburg-Stendal University.

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15. December 2015

Record investments

During the coming year, Bischof + Klein will invest the record sum of over 43 million euros. 35 million euros will be pumped into the German plants alone.

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01. October 2015

Clear commitment to our home market

Since October 1st, packaging and film manufacturer Bischof + Klein has been renamed Bischof + Klein SE & Co. KG.

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28. September 2015

Consistent environmental protection

Bischof + Klein has won the German Award for Excellence in the category "Environmental Responsibility".

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24. September 2015

Thousands of kilometres of film saved

Bischof + Klein publishes fifth sustainability report.

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05. August 2015

Expertise in great demand

Bischof + Klein was in great demand as a discussion partner at the Lounges trade fair.

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31. July 2015

New record level

Bischof + Klein increased its sales by more than seven percent to the new record level of 534 million euros in 2014.

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03. July 2015

Exchange promotes sustainability

How will foodstuffs be packaged in the future? - Most certainly lighter! This was one of the answers at the ZNU workshop conducted at Bischof + Klein in Lengerich.

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27. March 2015

DFTA Award 2015

Bischof + Klein has won the DFTA-Award in the flexible large packaging category and has therefore been honoured for the second time in succession for its outstanding high definition flexographic printing.

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15. December 2014

High standard of hygiene

Bischof + Klein certified according to DIN EN ISO 15593, 15378 and ISO 9001.

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21. November 2014

Economical and safe

Bischof + Klein's broad range of industrial packaging manufactured from plastic was a hit at POWTECH 2014 in Nuremberg.

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18. September 2014

CSR prize for Bischof + Klein

Bischof + Klein has now been awarded the German Federal Government's CSR prize 2014.

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15. September 2014

Living sustainability!

For the first time, Bischof + Klein has now reported on the activities and goals of its subsidiary companies in France, the United Kingdom and Poland in its sustainability report.

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21. August 2014

Familiar through know-how

Bischof + Klein was present with its own stand at the "Lounges" in Stuttgart for the first time.

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21. August 2014

Innovative through research

Bischof + Klein recently received the "Innovativ durch Forschung" (innovative through research) seal of approval from the "Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft".

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16. July 2014

Award-winning partnership

Bischof + Klein has been presented with the Excellence Supplier Award 2013 by special chemicals group Evonik for its outstanding services as a supplier of technical films.

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03. July 2014

Great willingness to invest

The auditors have again attested to consistent environmental management at Bischof + Klein in the seventh major environmental audit according to EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme).

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27. June 2014

Above-average benefits

In 2014, packaging and film specialist Bischof + Klein is anticipating sales growth of around 5 percent, enabling it to crack the 500-million-euro mark.

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11. June 2014

Bischof + Klein in the finale

Bischof + Klein has been nominated for the German Federal Government's CSR prize (Corporate Social Responsibility) 2014.

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22. May 2014

Increasing Presence

Bischof + Klein recently presented its industrial packaging and technical film range at the CHINAPLAS in Shanghai.

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04. April 2014

Excellent Performance

Bischof + Klein is American Avery Dennison (AD) Group's best emerging supplier.

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03. March 2014

Industry meeting

Bischof + Klein recently presented its broad range of surface protection films at the ZOW, the international trade fair for furniture and interior design industry suppliers in Bad Salzuflen.

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19. December 2013

Bischof + Klein donates to the Philippines

Bischof + Klein has donated 6,000 euros for "Aktion Deutschland hilft" aid projects on the Philippines.

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21. November 2013

Clever Technology

Bischof + Klein has jointly won the British Star Pack Award of Excellence 2013 as a partner in a project together with filler OTTO Cosmetic GmbH, British adhesive manufacturer BOSTIK Limited UK and plastic processor Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG.

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17. October 2013

Ideal meeting point

Bischof + Klein's diversity impressed visitors to the B+K trade fair stand at the FachPack.

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14. October 2013

Great expectations

Bischof + Klein has now commissioned a new cast film line for the production of label films.

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07. October 2013

Success motivates

Bischof + Klein has published its third sustainability report based on the international GRI standard (Global Reporting Initiative).

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23. September 2013

Flexible Alternatives

Bischof + Klein will be presenting its high-quality consumer and industrial packaging solutions at the FachPack in Nuremberg.

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18. September 2013

Exciting environment

For the very first time, Bischof + Klein was present with its own trade fair stand at this year's AFI symposium (Associazione Farmaceutici Industria), the most important event within Italy's pharmaceuticals industry.

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16. September 2013

Climate Protection

The Internet platform www.wirtschaft-pro-klima.de is a source of inspiration for climate protection.

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02. September 2013

Best packaging supplier

Bischof + Klein has been crowned best packaging supplier 2012 by its customer Wacker.

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20. June 2013

Global pioneer

Bischof + Klein has now become the world's first company to be awarded the "Full HD Flexo" certification from Esko.

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05. June 2013

Protection for high-gloss

Bischof + Klein recently presented its technical films with great success at the "interzum", the world's largest furniture manufacturing and interior design trade fair.

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15. May 2013

Better alternative

Bischof + Klein attracted a great deal of attention at the POWTECH in Nuremberg with its special packaging for fine powdered products and granules.

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03. May 2013

Increasing demand

Bischof + Klein is banking on growth in the high-purity packaging market. The Lengerich-based packaging and film specialist is responding to the rise in demand with additional production cells in the class 5 clean room in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1 at rest.

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04. March 2013

Set to grow

With its high-purity CleanFlex® brand packaging and film solutions for clean rooms, Bischof + Klein is set to grow.

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21. February 2013

Record investment level

This year, Bischof + Klein will invest the record sum of around 31 million euros.

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24. January 2013

Instantaneous enjoyment

The packaging makes it possible: "Todd's Push & Chill" in a "ShakerPouch" from Bischof + Klein transforms each host into a cool barkeeper in a matter of seconds.

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21. December 2012

Top performance confirmed

Bischof + Klein is helping Germany to put its best foot forwards.

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05. December 2012

New dimensions

The B+K trade fair team successfully presented CleanFlex® brand packaging solutions for clean rooms at the Compamed in Düsseldorf.

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28. November 2012

3M Supplier Award

Bischof + Klein has been honoured with the Supplier Award 2011 by its customer "3M" (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing).

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13. September 2012

DFTA Award

Bischof + Klein has been honoured with the DFTA-Award 2012 for its outstanding printing results in the field of flexible packaging for pet food.

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12. September 2012

Replenishable raw materials

Bischof + Klein is intensively testing the use of replenishable raw materials in packaging and film solutions for consumer articles.

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20. August 2012

New sustainability report

Bischof + Klein's new sustainability report is available.

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20. July 2012

Environmental pact ambassador

Albin Kienberger, director of Bischof + Klein Konzell, is a Bavarian environmental pact ambassador.

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18. June 2012

"Carry on!"

"Carry on as you have been doing!" Environmental expert Dr. Jörg Schnittger is satisfied with Bischof + Klein.

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03. May 2012

Successful premiere

Bischof + Klein's first appearance at the "ChinaPlas" in Shanghai was a resounding success. The industrial packaging and technical films from Lengerich aroused an extraordinary level of interest at this trade fair, the plastic industry's largest in Asia.

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25. April 2012

Expectations surpassed

For the second time, Bischof + Klein presented its packaging solutions for foodstuffs and beverages with great success at the Anuga FoodTec.

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20. April 2012

Aseptic transfer

Bischof + Klein presented the Biosafe® system from its customer Sartorius Stedim Biotech at the international medicine technology trade fair, the Medtec 2012 in Stuttgart, for the first time.

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28. March 2012

Vision Pharma

Bischof + Klein presented its CleanFlex® clean room products at the Vision Pharma fair in Karlsruhe as a partner exhibitor of its customer Hecht Technologie.

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01. March 2012

Strong position

Bischof + Klein is a well-known furniture industry supplier. This was confirmed by the company's taking part in the ZOW for the third time in succession.

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29. February 2012

Gloves for clean rooms

At the Pharmapack in Paris, Bischof + Klein presented packaging and film solutions for high-purity products within the medicine and semiconductor industries.

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14. February 2012

Resource efficiency

Producing more with less – this is roughly the concept which lies behind the key term "resource efficiency".

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10. February 2012

368 oaks

Bischof + Klein is making a tangible contribution towards climate protection by planting 368 young oak trees.

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01. February 2012

Diversity impresses

Packaging was the centre of attention at a conference conducted by the "Centre for Sustainable Corporate Management" (ZNU) at Bischof + Klein.

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19. December 2011

Top Standards

In December, Bischof + Klein inaugurated a modern logistical centre covering an area of 2,750 square metres at B+K Konzell.

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07. December 2011

Fair and responsible

On December 5th in Lengerich, Bischof + Klein became the first member company to receive the certificate of compliance with the new code of conduct developed by the Gesamtverband der Kunststoffverarbeitenden Industrie (GKV).

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29. November 2011

High competence

Bischof + Klein, a leading full-service supplier of flexible packaging and technical films, has had its hygiene management system audited according to DIN EN 15593 for the first time.

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15. November 2011

Industry pioneer

Bischof + Klein has now become the first company within the industry in Germany to publish a sustainability report on the basis of the internationally established standard of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

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20. October 2011


Bischof + Klein successfully presented its new PowFlex® product line and the entire Industrial Packaging division product portfolio at the international POWTECH trade fair in Nürnberg.

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29. September 2011

Leading Role

In the Arabian Peninsula region, B+K MEC is assuming a leading role in the plastic industrial packaging market. A second plant is being planned in the Rabigh petrochemicals complex.

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07. September 2011

Start of training

23 young people have now commenced their training at Bischof + Klein's Lengerich headquarters.

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08. August 2011

New triplex lamination lines

B+K is continuing to pursue its strategy of constant modernisation by investing in two new triplex lamination lines at B+K Lengerich and Konzell.

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21. July 2011

Turbo training

The dual study programme is a turbo training course with a number of advantages. Bischof + Klein offers young people the opportunity to learn within the company and to complete an accompanying study programme.

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20. June 2011


Bischof + Klein has successfully undergone the sixth major audit of its environmental and safety management system without complaints.

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14. June 2011

Great Premiere

For the first time, Bischof + Klein presented the diverse possibilities offered by its technical laminates at the "Techtextil" trade fair in Frankfurt.

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20. April 2011

Clean film for clean water

A modernised drinking water filling line for the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) in Ibbenbüren is filling drinking water into LiquidFlex® film bags.

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19. January 2011

Code of Conduct

B+K has now become the first company within the packaging industry to commit to the Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik e.V. (BME - German Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics) code of conduct. 

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