B+K TACFLEX® splash protection films for complete windows

B+K TACFLEX® splash protection films for complete windows

Windows can become soiled in a variety of ways due to splatters of plaster, screed or paint. Cleaning them is laborious and can quickly cause them to become scratched. B+K TacFlex® splash protection films offer protection against this. They cover the entire window and can be removed without any residues after use. The handy reel of film enables manual application onto windows and profiles, the film adheres easily and permanently and protects the installed window as well as the frame throughout the entire construction or renovation phase.

B+K TacFlex® splash protection films are suitable for both the glass and for PVC profiles and frames, and are therefore the ideal solution for complete windows. The transparent substrate film lets unadulterated daylight into rooms, enabling work to be carried out in daylight. Unlike dyed films, the splash protection film does not cause any change in colour perception in the room during painting work, for instance. Since the film is self-adhesive, there is no need to use cumbersome adhesive tape.


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