Metals have been used in various applications as tools since the dawn of civilization. They are characterized by their high electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity, metallic sheen, and good deformability. Metals are used extensively as materials, e.g., in automotive engineering, electrical engineering, and the construction industry thanks to their mechanical and electrical properties.

Bischof + Klein processes metal films made of aluminum or copper to form laminates which are used as packaging films or technical laminates. B+K TacFlex® surface protection films offer optimal product protection for metal surfaces under even the most difficult of conditions. Aluminum, steel, and stainless steel with varnished, anodized, or holohedrally laminated surface structures are reliably protected against scratching and soiling throughout the manufacturing process and transport as well as during cutting, drilling, and milling. B+K offers self-adhesive protection films for smooth, brushed, or also formable stainless steel surfaces. Focus is also placed on the topic of sustainability here: our product portfolio not only includes the adhesive-based products commonly found on the market, but also adhesive-free solutions.


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