Mail order / e-commerce

Mail order / e-commerce

Whether for shipping catalogue goods, samples, coupons or textiles – the range of usages for polyethylene shipping packaging is as diverse as the options available for designing the packaging itself.

Requirement-related customer demands can be met with flat films with film thicknesses of approximately 40 - 60 my and max. reel widths of 1,920 mm as well as bags with film thicknesses of 30 - 100 my, widths of 100 - 400 mm and bag heights of 200 - 600 mm. Alternatively, products manufactured from replenishable raw materials can also be used. Depending on customer requirements, > 85 %, 50 % or less replenishable raw materials can be used; this also enables certification for organically based products by DIN CERTCO or Vincotte. Unilateral or bilateral film dying and printing with up to 10 colours transform the shipping packaging into an advertising medium.


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