High Purity Products

High Purity Products

Sectors such as the pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries are characterised by innovations and continuous adaptation to current market requirements. New product developments constantly demand individual packaging solutions which securely and reliably protect the sensitive products such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), vaccines or medical devices.

However, other industrial sectors such as the electrical engineering, micromechanical and optical industries are also increasingly demanding higher-quality and higher-performance packaging, which has to perform extremely specific functions.

B+K CleanFlex®

Absolute cleanliness is the basic prerequisite of product quality – and must be unreservedly guaranteed. As one of the leading manufacturers of flexible packaging, we have developed the B+K CleanFlex® product line because of this reason. We wish to thrill our customers with products of the very highest quality. Together, we will work out a tailor-made packaging solution for you.

B+K CleanFlex® Product Line

B+K CleanFlex® Film


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