Tube laminate

Tube laminate

The tube is the practical packaging solution for a variety of products. It is commonly used for toothpaste or creams, but it is also suitable for foodstuffs and medicines. Tube laminate from Bischof + Klein is designed individually for each product and all requirements.

Tube laminate is manufactured using the extrusion process. PE-based films and connecting, molten materials undertake important functions, e.g. as barriers for oxygen or water vapour. A layer of aluminium can be embedded in the laminate structure as a high barrier for aroma protection. The laminate's wall thickness usually lies between 300 - 400 my, but can be reduced down to 150 my.
Tube laminate's particular properties include its high sealability, dart impact resistance and reset force. Tubes are accordingly robust. They are resilient and dimensionally stable. Products in the tube are very easy to portion. After squeezing out the content, the laminate ensures that the tube regains its old shape.
The visual design options for tubes are diverse: tube laminate can be printed using all conventional printing processes. The film itself can be silver-coloured, transparent, matt or high-gloss. The feel is adapted to the requirement so that the tube feels pleasant, is not slippery and can be easily squeezed out.


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