B+K AluFlex®

B+K AluFlex®

In particular, B+K offers sealed versions in the form of B+K AluFlex® seal as an individual sack solution.

The B+K AluFlex® 1 seal d-lab is equipped with a special labyrinth vent. This enables the air which enters the sack during filling to escape but in turn prevents air and therefore also humidity from being able to enter the sack during longer periods of storage.

This is also achieved by the B+K AluFlex® 1 seal d-air, which is equipped with a ventilation valve. After sealing, the air which has entered the sack during filling can escape via the valve. The special valve design also prevents the air from re-entering the sack. In addition, this air can be extracted via the valve, and the product can even be vacuum-packed.


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