Valve Sacks I Standard

Valve Sacks I Standard

Valve sacks may be made of synthetic materials or laminates, for various weights. They may be filled through the valve, which then automatically seals itself, thus preventing any leakage.

PE Valve sacks are made of 100 percent PE. They are therefore single-origin and completely recyclable.

The filled valve sack forms a block, by way of the standing base and valve, which is then very stable and stackable. The possibility to print the package on all sides provides ample space for product information. Valve sacks with special ventilation options, by way of ultra fine perforations or labyrinth vents, are especially suitable for powdery contents.

Our valve sacks are produced in a resource-efficient manner and can be manufactured with a significant  recyclate content.


Various applications offer our customers diverse options:

  • Different valve forms (stepped fringe valve, exterior sleeve, internal sleeve valve, etc.)
  • Pouring holes and aids
  • Resealing options


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