B+K SepaFlex® Twin-ply packaging

B+K SepaFlex® Twin-ply packaging

As FFS film or a converted flat or side gusseted sack, SepaFlex® is the hygienic packaging solution for sensitive products.

This two-ply separable PE packaging meets high requirements and is easy to handle.

B+K SepaFlex® Twin-ply packaging is made of 100 percent PE. It is therefore single-origin and completely recyclable.


  • Protection of the product and inner film from contamination caused by dirt, mould and moisture
  • The outer film can be removed easily and without residues by means of peelable welding seams
  • No aids such as knives required
  • The contaminated outer film does not enter the clean high-care area
  • Packaging conformity with food law (LFGB, FDA, GB standard)
  • The outer and inner film can be printed for effective promotion
  • Longer product shelf life
  • FFS – forming, filling and sealing in one operation




  • FFS film on reel
  • Flat or side gusseted sack
  • Ventilation system can be integrated (PowFlex®)
  • Suitable for pattern repeat and random printing

Applications / Industries

  • Sensitive foodstuffs
  • Powdered milk (infant food)
  • Food additives and supplements
  • Special chemical products
  • Pharmaceutical precursor products


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