B+K SmartFlex® PL

B+K SmartFlex® PL

Stretch hood films for stacking without pallets

This packaging concept runs on modern stretch hood lines and dispenses entirely with pallets. The containers to be packaged are enclosed according to a special scheme and are equipped with a high-strength underlay film to reinforce the base formation. An inner stretch hood is then drawn over the container. The container is subsequently turned, and an outer stretch hood is drawn over it.

High seal strength guarantees the stability of this self-supporting system. At the same time, the film offers high dimensional stability for forming the base.


  • No more disposable pallets (saving wood)
  • Conventional ship loading tackle can be used around the world
  • Stretch hood technology offers cost advantages in comparison with shrink films (film thickness, volume of film, energy saving)
  • Additional cost advantage due to savings in countries without pallet exchange system and therefore an increased number of sacks when loading containers


Fork-lift trucks with moveable forks are required for transportation.


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