B+K U-Pack® Side gusseted bag

B+K U-Pack® Side gusseted bag

The side gusseted bag B+K U-Pack® was specifically developed for dry goods and is characterised in particular by its form stability.

The split carrying handle now supports your production processes even more efficiently.


With this current packaging award winner in the logistics & material handling category, you will convince at the point of sale. Developed specifically for dry products, it offers your product optimum protection. Numerous bag features ensure high comfort. The split carrying handle now supports your production processes even more efficiently. Another plus: The single-material B+K U-Pack® is completely recyclable and can be produced with over 40 percent PCR. In this way, we combine sophisticated product protection with resource conservation and strengthening of the circular economy.


  • Optimum protection of your products
  • High dimensional and general stability
  • Attractive product presentation thanks to individual design
  • Packaging can be resealed after removing the product, thus ensuring lasting freshness and a long shelf life
  • Clean product filling
  • Low tare weight
  • Additional cost advantage compared to rigid packaging due to reduced transport, logistics and storage effort
  • Unproblematic and efficient palletisation
  • Simple and segregated disposal

Your Advantages

  • Uniform bundles simplify palletisation
  • Automatic unpacking by packing robots
  • Less frequent changes during filling thanks to 20 % more empty bags on the pallet
  • Reduced CO2 emissions due to decreased freight volume

System optimisation

The newly developed B+K U-Pack® with split carrying handle is a versatile logistics & material handling problem-solver. In the new design, the handle is split in the middle and no longer has to be folded. The material build-up is reduced by a total of up to 500 μm. The side gusset no longer gapes open and the concertina effect is eliminated entirely.


Another plus: the entire surface of the carrying handle can be printed. The printed image remains completely intact despite the fact the handle is split. 


  • Additional carrying handle
  • Carrying handle printable
  • Individual ventilation systems
  • Different easy opening functions, e.g. laser
  • perforation or tear notch 


  • Front / top zipper
  • Hooded / top slider
  • Aplix / Velcro closure

Design Features

  • Gravure or (HD) flexographic printing with up to 10 colours
  • Can be printed on five sides
  • Reverse printing or frontal printing
  • Various lacquers
  • PE colouring
  • Code printing (promotion)
  • Side gusseted bag with separate bottom or bottom flap (40 – 60 mm)
  • Corner sealing of the side gusset
  • Corner rounding
  • Can be filled through the bottom and top

Sizes range from 1 litre to 50 litres via individually set-up sizing tools.

The B+K U-Pack® can be filled both through the bottom and the top on the conventional systems available from well-known manufacturers.


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