B+K SmartFlex® Stretch Hood Films

B+K SmartFlex® Stretch Hood Films

The B+K SmartFlex® Stretch Hood Film product range offers safety and protection for containers of all types and sizes and guarantees safety during transportation, transfer and storage. B+K SmartFlex® is the secure, economical, effective and intelligent stretch hood film for a wide range of packaging.


100 % PE, single variety and fully recycable




Maximum possible safety

In contrast to shrink films, no heat or naked flames are used when applying stretch hood films - the risk of fire is therefore eliminated. Heat-sensitive and easily spoiled goods can be packaged without problems. There is no risk of the pallet protection film's becoming laminated with the palleted film bags beneath. The stretch hood offers optimal protection against dust, dirt and moisture, and is also ideally suitable for outdoor storage. It can additionally be equipped with UV stabilisation if necessary. If the packaged product also has to be protected from UV radiation, the films can be equipped with a UV barrier. B+K SmartFlex® stretch hood films offer outstanding protection against manipulation and theft of the goods, as opening the protective packaging can be noticed immediately.

Stable securing of loads


High retention forces and high dart impact and tear resistance enable stable load securing along the entire logistical chain, from loading and transportation to the end customer. The optimal film thickness and recipe for achieving this are defined depending on the weight and properties of the packaged product and the customer-specific requirements.



Perfect presentation 


Transparent and crease-free application of the pallet stretch hood enables optimal visual presentation of the packaged product. Further marketing options are available through colouring or printing in multiple colours.





High variant diversity

B+K offers a wide range of equipment options such as e.g. reduced thickness films, perforation, hole punching, UV stabilisation, UV barrier, printing or colouring.






B+K SmartFlex® PL

This packaging concept runs on modern stretch hood lines and dispenses entirely with pallets. The containers to be packaged are enclosed according to a special scheme and are equipped with a high-strength underlay film to reinforce the base formation. An inner stretch hood is then drawn over the container. The container is subsequently turned, and an outer stretch hood is drawn over it.

High seal strength guarantees the stability of this self-supporting system. At the same time, the film offers high dimensional stability for forming the base.


Prerequisite for SmartFlex® PL

Fork-lift trucks with moveable forks are required for transportation.


  • No more disposable pallets (saving wood)
  • Conventional ship loading tackle can be used around the world
  • Cost advantages in comparison with shrink films (film thickness, volume of film, energy saving)
  • Savings on pallets in countries without pallet exchange System
  • Increased number of sacks when loading containers


B+K SmartFlex® SE

B+K SmartFlex® SE is a Variation of our tried-and-tested B+K SmartFlex® stretch hood film.

It combines the latter's familiar characteristics whilst acting as an optimal, flexible packaging solution for diverse pallet sizes and shapeless packaged products. It impresses thanks to its super elasticity (SE) and extremely high dart impact resistance. B+K SmartFlex® SE allows two pallets to be stretch-wrapped as easily as an individual pallet – using the same film format.


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