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Whoever receives an e-mail nowadays cannot rely on the fact that it actually originates from the specified sender. Nor can the recipient be certain that a message which has been received is unchanged and complete. E-mail sender data are increasingly being falsified by worms and spams. This is why we at Bischof+Klein have decided to provide each e-mail which leaves the company with a digital signature, therefore making

information exchange secure and trustworthy. The message is "electronically sealed" by this signature. As the recipient, you can now reliably determine whether  

  • the message has been changed on its way to you (integrity of the transmitted data)
  • the message actually originates from Bischof+Klein (authenticity of the data source)

To check the validity of mails signed by us, you have to install the following certificates, which can be downloaded from Deutsche Telekom's T-Telesec Trustcenter:


Encrypted Messages

In addition, we offer confidential communication with encryption using S/MIME and PGP. The digital signature below our e-mails simultaneously provides you with our public key. This enables you to send us an encrypted message. 

If you also have a public key yourself, please make this available to us. We are then able to send to send you encrypted e-mails. If you already use certificates and these are accessible via a public LDAP server, we would be grateful if you would send us this information via our contact form, stating the key word "LDAP server information".


further Information

More information on the following topics can be found on the Deutsche Telekom T-Telesec Trustcenter web site:

  • Certificates
  • Trustcenter
  • Encryption
  • Digital signature
  • Legal bases


SSL Dial-In

B+K employees and external service providers can make use of the option of SSL-secured dialling-into the B+K company network. The root certificate, which has to be downloaded and installed for this purpose, ensures additional security. 

Download B+K root CA certificate

Certificate fingerprint (SHA1):

303e 8bac 664c 1df7 d878 6f3e b4e1 d51e 0504 7925


Further Certificate Information

Common name: BUK-CA
Organisational unit: Information service
Organisation: Bischof und Klein GmbH & Co. KG
Country: DE
Valid from 09.11.2006
Valid to 09.11.2026
Serial number (hex) 4c8a 2ebd 5324 318b 4b39 3792 cd0a e144


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