Hazardous Material

Bischof + Klein’s “hazardous materials test department” is a service facility set up to conduct design tests on various types of packaging and to apply to the responsible authority to have these registered.

External and internal enquiries regarding transportation packaging for hazardous materials are processed according to the relevant regulations issued by the individual transport operators, i.e. the IMDG code for sea transportation, IATA-DGR and ICAO-TI for air transportation, RID for rail transportation and ADR for road trans-portation.

Professional Equipment

Material testers such as tensile testers, leakage testers and analytical devices form part of the test department’s professional laboratory equipment, which additionally includes a drop test bench with a maximum drop height of 3.5 metres. 

Test Department

If required, the “B+K hazardous materials test department’s” registration service can also be used by other packaging manufacturers at any time. One of the vital, fundamental elements of our corporate activities is to guarantee safety, and therefore the protection of man and environment.

Approval Process

Competent contact persons are available at all times for design testing and registration application, and undertake all organisational tasks during the relevant test and approval process.


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Hazardous Packaging

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