Environmental Management

Safeguarding the natural bases of life has a long tradition at Bischof + Klein: environmental protection has been an integral part of our corporate philosophy since 1985 and has been continuously extended. In 1987, we became one of the first companies in Germany to publish an environmental statement. Since then, we have been providing information on our success and progress in corporate environmental protection on an annual basis.


Bischof + Klein


Our central plant in Lengerich was initially certified according to EMAS in 1996, and was followed by the Konzell plant in 1999. An environmental management system for planning, executing and checking all of Bischof + Klein's environmental activities is the central element of this certification.

Bischof + Klein


We view environmental protection as a significant part of our social responsibility. We are therefore actively foresighted over and above the legal requirements. This is reflected, for example, by

Bischof + Klein's commitment as a European environmental year partner in 1988. Or by the exhaust-air scrubbers, used to reduce our emission levels far below the legal limit values, which we installed in 1990 with a grant from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.